The Effectiveness of the Law Lies in Its Execution
  1. Criminology is defined as a body of knowledge regarding crime as a social phenomenon. What do you mean by the phrase: "regarding crime as a social phenomenon?"
  2. Explain in your own words the meaning of the following: 1. Criminal Etiology, 2. Sociology of Law, and 3. Penology
  3. Which among the following best described the study of criminology - DIVERSIFIED FIELD or LIMITED FIELD? Why?
  4. It was George L. Wilker who said that criminology cannot possibly become a science because it lacks general proposition of universal validity. On the other hand, Edwin H. Sutherland argued that criminology at present is not a science but it has hopes of becoming a science. What is your viewpoint of the issue?
  5. In what regard we can say that criminology is nationalistic?
robert james19
8/28/2009 11:13:40 am

1. crime as a social phenomenon, its a process of making laws, of breaking laws, and of reacting toward the breaking of laws.

2. (1) Criminal etiology - an approach scientificaly analizing the causes of crime. (2) sociology of law - a scientific analysis of the conditions under which penal/criminal laws develop as a process of formal social control. (3) Penology - its concerned with the control and prevention of crime and the treatment of youthful offenders.
3. diversified field, in my own view point diversified is the best describes cause it covers almost areas, and trying to be scientific in approch. Crimes now a days is also getting high in technology, so as to the solving of crime will follow inorder to solve a certain crimes of the society.
4. my view point of this argument, is yes indeed there is hope for becoming a science. We cant hold the future of becoming a more computerized society, because science holds a major role now a days.
5. maybe we can say its nationalistic because it studies the making of laws and involving the societies behavior.

8/29/2009 06:02:15 pm

1. crime as a social phenomenon means that crime can happen anytime, any place and anyone can be a possible victim. in the study of criminology active participation of the people or groups of people in the society plays a very crucial role in resolving crimes.. crime does not only involves an act punishable by law and its offender but also it has the participation of the society to prevent or repress the same.

2. (a) criminal etiology is the process of analyzing the causation of crimes and behavior of criminal. it is of great importance because by way of finding the root cause as to WHY the crime was committed could easily be concluded as WHO committed such crime;(b) sociology of law is meant the investigation of the nature of criminal law and its administration. one must abreast himself of the laws being promulgated by the law-making bodies so that it could be implemented effectively and in accordance with the purpose and within the meaning of the context of law; (c) penology is the study of the control of crimes and the rehabilitation of offenders. it is being considered as one of the basic lines in the study of criminology purposely to give importance on how to effectively prevent and control crimes and with the hopes of reforming the offenders into a better individuals and law abiding citizens.

3. personally, i believe that the criminology is a diversified field of study in the sense that it does not only involves the study of crimes and criminals perse but also somehow the study and application of the science of medicine, chemistry, phsychology, religion, education,sociology, public administration and the like.. these various related studies make criminology a diversified field.

4. the sole isssue here is whether criminolgy is a science or not. while it is true that criminology cannot be considered a science simply because it has not yet acquired universal validity however considering that science is the systematic objective study of phenomenon and other bodies of knowledge and criminolgy is the body of knowledge regarding crimes as a social phenomenon, therefore criminology is a science when applied to law enforecemnet of crimes under the ff. nature: (a) applied science; (b) social cience; (c) dynamic; (d) nationalistic.

5. NATIONALISTIC means the study of crime must be in relation with the existing criminal law within the territory of the country. the question as whether an act is a crime is dependent on the criminal law of the state where you are residing. in the Philippines, we embraced the latin maxim that reads "nullum crimen, nulla poena, sine lege" which means no crime when there is no law punishing it.if an act committed is not within the context of the philippine criminal law, such act cannot therefore be considered a crime in our country.nationalistic for the simple reason that we always relate to our present laws before an act committed be considered a crime.

Joy Lynn G. Abagon
8/31/2009 07:13:52 pm

1. The phrase "regarding crime as a social phenomenon" in the definition of criminology means that, the occurrence of crime is a matter which concerns the whole community. It affects not just a selected class of individual but of the entire community. It views crime not just a problem of a few but of the entire society.

2. (a) Criminal Etiology means the study of the causes of crimes.

(b) Sociology of Law, means the study of law in relation to its social characteristics.It treats law on its sociological side as opposed to one which purely treats law as a more complicated logical matter.

(c) Penology is the study of the punishment of crimes and prison management.

3. The study of criminology is a diversified field because it touches not only one area of study. Various matters, which may be outside the scope of the study of criminology, will be taken into account in order to give adequate explanation on the study of criminology.

4. Criminology may be considered as a science because, in the study of criminology, there exists a systematized observation on a specific topic. Like science, knowledge can be gained on these observations and certain principles are likewise followed in order to better understand the subject.

5. Criminology is nationalistic in the sense that, we based our study in our own community with mostly common history and language. The laws are based mostly on situations which happen in our country.

10/14/2010 12:31:11 pm

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An explanation why George Wilker believed that Criminology is not a science.

D' HeArt BreAker
8/5/2012 04:24:27 pm

4. According to George Wilker , he argued that criminology is not a science bcoz as we see, criminology focused only on studying crimes, law, victims and others.....


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